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Derrickson systems Limited is a licensed customs Clearing and freight forwarding agent company in Kenya.
We offer customs clearing services at all customs entry and exit points in Kenya.

Our Core Business

We offer customs clearance services and logistics for Road, air and sea freights at all customs entry and exit points in Kenya to enhance an efficient supply chain. We handle Import /Export clearance services for Motor vehicles, loose and containerized cargo (Tax paid and Tax exempt)


Continue being wealth growth partners for our clients for an efficient and effective supply chain.

Mission Statement

To provide the best custom clearance programs for our clients within Kenya, regardless of industry, size or location, through innovation, diligence, continued education and technology while providing all of these through open communication, genuine integrity and transparency in our operations. We have made information technology to be at the core of our business to enhance, facilitate and make our business more efficient.

We developed and run an online customs import tax calculator  to to facilitate streamlining of the clearance process. These has made customs clearance of cargo more straight forward and clear to importers unlike before where it was more of C&F (Cheating and fooling) by some unscrupulous clearing agents.

Sea Cargo

Air Freight

We've established good business and working relationships with other players in the industry making us the most competitive in prices and service delivery. Industry players that we have special relationships with include: Transporters ; Container Freight stations(CFS); Shipping agents; Consolidators; KRA - Customs and Valuation Departments; KEBS; NTSA and Radiation and Health Board

Land Transport

Port Clearance

Derrickson Systems Ltd is operated by a team of professionals that handle all the clearance processes on behalf of our clients to ensure that cargo is delivered to our clients in the most cost effective and timely manner. It will be our pleasure serving you to streamline and provide an efficient supply chain. 

Our Core Values:

  1. Responsibility/Accountability: we strive to meet and anticipate the needs of each of our clients in the best form, delivering rapidly and reliably.

  2. Excellence and professionalism: The Company has a group of trained professionals to deliver a service of excellence, encouraging teamwork and responsibility at all costs. This is   enhanced with dynamic and flexible processes and supported with information technology.

  3. Integrity: We are fully dedicated in meeting our commitments to customers, fostering a relationship based on trust and transparency.

  4. Enthusiasm: We are strategic partners of our clients, so that their success is also our success.

  5. Trust and cross-cultural collaboration: "We did not all come over on the same ship, but we're all now in the same boat". We are a multicultural team working together in a spirit of service and responsibility to our customers.

  6. Balance: We believe in; Work Hard, Have Fun, Give Back. 

  7. Humility: We Value openness and curiosity to learn from anyone, anywhere. We seek and provide honest feedback. Learn from mistakes and successes in equal measure. Never underestimate our competition. 

Customs clearance charges

All statutory charges and taxes are at cost. 

Clearance agency Fee:

Sea Freight:

    1. Containerized General Cargo - 1% of CIF Minimum Ksh.15,000

    2. Loose Cargo - 1% of CIF Minimum-Ksh.10000

    3. Motor vehicles - 1% of CIF Minimum Ksh-10000

Air Freight:

    1. Cargo 1% of CIF Minimum Ksh.15,000

Road Freight:

    1. Cargo 1% of CIF Minimum Ksh.15,000

Delivery cost varies with distance.

For all your customs clearance requirements, Kindly get in touch with us